Artist Statements Overview

The Artist Statements feature helps you calculate artist payments by enabling you to:

  • See how much each of your artists earned
  • Enter revenue splits and expenses for them
  • Download royalty statements that accurately reflect how much your artists are owed

This article will cover how to - access the page, enter splits, enter expenses, and download reports.

Accessing Artist Statements


Click on the Artist Statements item under the Royalties menu in the SymphonicMS.


You’ll land on a page displaying a table containing all of your artists with their split status and earnings for the selected period, based on the splits and expenses entered. 

  • Track Earnings - Total (gross) royalties across all tracks the artist is a participant on
  • Artist Share - Amount of the track earnings that are allocated to the artist, based on their splits
  • Expenses - Expenses entered for the artist
  • Artist Total - Royalty amount owed to the artist (this is the number you should use when paying your artist)
  • Status - An Incomplete status means at least one of the artist’s tracks needs splits entered. A Complete status means all of that artist’s tracks have splits

To change an artist’s status from Incomplete to Complete, click into an artist to access their details page, where you can enter splits for their tracks.

Entering Splits


Click into an artist to access their details page, where you’ll see several sections for:

  • Downloading reports and viewing a summary of their earnings
  • Adding expenses
  • Updating Incomplete tracks
  • Viewing and updating Complete tracks


The Incomplete Tracks section displays all tracks the artist is a participant on that still need splits entered. The tracks are grouped by their track artists.


Clicking on a track opens a form to enter in the split percentages each artist and label is owed. 


Once the percentages entered total 100%, you can save these splits and the track will be Complete. You will now see the track listed under the Complete Tracks section. This section lists all of the artist’s tracks that have splits entered. You can also edit these splits by clicking on a track.

Entering Expenses


To enter an expense for an artist, click on +Add Expense button in the Expenses section, fill out the description and amount, and click save. The Reporting Period the expense is applied to will always default to the period selected. Simply change the Reporting Period to enter an expense for a different period.

Downloading Reports


In the Reports dropdown (located in the first section of the page), you can download royalty reports to send to your artists and help determine how much money you owe each of them.

NOTE: The royalty reports are most useful and accurate when splits have been entered for all of an artist’s tracks and their status is Complete

There are three report options:

  • Summary Report - A PDF statement outlining the artist’s earnings by track, expenses, and total royalties owed
  • Earning Details - An in-depth CSV report that breaks out the artist’s earnings at a stream level
  • Expenses Details - A CSV download of the artist’s expenses


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