Calculating Artist Statements / Splits

This article outlines the Track Artist tab in the royalty details page, and how to calculate artist payments using this section.


Tab Overview

The Track Artist tab shows royalties broken out by track level artists. Unlike previous artist royalty breakdowns in the SymphonicMS, this tab does not automatically deduct the label’s share of royalties, nor does it automatically split royalties between artists if multiple appear on a track. This means that the Total number in each row is the total royalties earned before any label or artist shares have been deducted.

Also, because the table includes all track artist combinations, an artist could be listed in multiple rows if they appear on both their own tracks and tracks with other artists.

Example - Referencing the above screenshot, we see there are 3 rows in the table but only two different artists mentioned: Style Tripz and H0USE. This is because both Style Tripz and H0USE each released tracks individually, as well as a song by Style Tripz where H0USE appeared as a featuring artist. Because of this, both artists have individual rows for royalties earned on their own tracks, plus a row for the royalties earned on their shared track.

How to Calculate Artist Payments

As mentioned, the Total column in the table shows the total royalties earned prior to any label or artist shares being deducted.

Therefore, if you’re using this table to calculate your payments, and money is owed to anyone besides just the artists, you will need to manually calculate the royalty shares before sending any payments. It may be helpful to download the table CSV or CSV for an artist’s row for calculating.

Example - In the previous example above with Style Tripz and H0USE, their label takes a 50% cut of all royalties, with the remaining 50% split equally between all artists on a track. Based on this deal, Style Tripz’s payments would be as follows:


  1. Style Tripz Individual Tracks
    • 50% Label, 50% Artists
    • Label = $100 * 0.5 = $50
    • Style Tripz = $100 * 0.5 = $50
  2. Style Tripz & H0USE Shared Tracks
    • 50% Label, 50% Artists (split 25% Style Tripz and 25% H0USE)
    • Label = $50 * 0.5 = $25
    • Style Tripz = $50 * 0.25 = $12.50

Label Payment = $50 + $25 = $75.00
Style Tripz Payment = $50 + $12.50 = $62.50

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