How to add your music to TikTok

In 2019, Symphonic announced our partnership with TikTok, allowing you to deliver your tracks to TikTok for its millions of creators to use in their videos. To send your content to TikTok, you'll simply need to select this delivery partner when finalizing your release.


How to define the clip preview time on a new release: 

While you're creating your release, on the track level, you will see a field for Clip Start Time. The format for this field is HH:MM:SS


The Clip Start Time field informs TikTok the time in which you want your clip to start on their platform.  For example, if you have a 6-minute track and want to start the clip at 47 seconds, you would enter a start time. of "00:00:47".

The duration of the clip we send to TikTok is 30 seconds long. At this time, the length of the clip cannot be adjusted.  Once your clip is on the TikTok platform, users can then create a 15-second clip from the 30 seconds that have been delivered.  

How to define the clip preview time on an already delivered release: 

If a release is already delivered to TikTok, don't worry! You can follow the steps outline on making changes to your release and then follow the above instructions to add the desired clip time.  

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