Royalty Summary Overview

The Royalty Summary feature in the SymphonicMS provides a quick overview of your royalties across time periods, as well as in-depth royalties breakdowns of your releases, tracks, partner, etc. 

Take a look by navigating to Royalties ► Royalty Summary in the SymphonicMS



Here you’ll see your current balance, followed by a listing of your royalty periods. Each period is typically broken out by these line items:

  • Opening Balance - Any unrequested royalties carried over from a previous period
  • Earnings - Royalties your content earned at DSPs
  • Adjustments - Any applicable charges or credits to your account (e.g., tax withholding, fees, refund, etc.)
  • Payments - Amounts that have been paid out to you
  • Outstanding Balance - Any remaining royalties after summing the above items



Click on View Details to view and download detailed breakdowns of a period’s royalties by different categories (e.g., release, track, territory, etc.). You can also see a full-year summation by clicking the Full Year Total link.


 To change periods, select the All Periods link at the top of the page to navigate back to your Royalty Summary page, and then choose a new period or year from there.

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