Streaming analytics (overview)

The Stream Analytics feature in the SymphonicMS provides daily stream data across your entire catalog, all in one place! The feature currently includes data from Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Deezer, Pandora, and YouTube Art Tracks. Please note YouTube Art Track streaming data may be a day behind other DSPs.


Navigate to this feature by clicking on Analytics ► Streams from the menu

  • The landing page displays a view of performance across your entire catalog, broken down by several factors, such as partner, artist, track, release, playlist, and territory.
  • Each section shows the first six entries for that breakdown (e.g.,  the territory section shows the top 6 countries where the artist’s music was streamed). Select the "View All" button to see more data, if available.
  • You can change the date range that you’re looking at or filter for individual partners by using the date range selector and partner filters at the top of the page.
  • Streams are counted for any track where an artist is listed as a primary artist, featuring artist, or remixer. It’s important to note that this means a single stream could count towards more than one of your artists if multiple artists were listed on that track.
  • YouTube art tracks are automatically generated versions of every track on a release when your content is delivered to YouTube. They can be played on YouTube Music or YouTube. Every play counts as a stream.

The Stream Analytics page also provides access to mode to contextual information for an account's artists, tracks, releases and playlist.

Beneath the graph display, the top left card is the Artist card.


Clicking on an artist in the card will open details about that artist including their historical stream counts, tracks, and playlist placements.


Beneath the graph display, the top right card is the Track card.


Clicking on a track in the card will open details about that track including its historical stream counts, release history, and playlist placements.


Beneath the graph display, the bottom left card is the Release card.


Clicking on a release in the card will open details about that release including its historical stream counts, track list, and playlist placements.


Beneath the graph display, the bottom right card is the Playlist card.


Clicking a playlist from the card will open details about track placement on that playlist, including the number of streams and position over time for each track.



Please Note: If you switched to Symphonic from another distributor, our system will not show analytics for the streams you received while at a different distributor. Unfortunately, our partners do not share stream data with us until we begin distributing your music. However, your previous streams and playlist placements will remain as long as you used the original metadata when submitting your music to us. Click here for more information on transferring content between distributors. You can still access your previous stream data on the DSP-specific analytics platforms.

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