What is Beatport Hype?

Beatport HYPE 

HYPE is a subscription-based program geared towards smaller independent electronic music labels.  For a monthly fee of $10, This program groups your label into a pool of labels of a similar profile and revenue level (earning less than $15,000.00 in a 365 day period), offering access to placement and chart visibility among developing labels, free from competition from the larger labels and brands that dominate the platform’s merchandising and charts.

Being a member of this program makes the label’s releases eligible for placement in any HYPE specific merchandising sections in various genres as well as specific spots in the main merchandising modules of the store, including banners on the genre pages and the Homepage.  It also makes releases and tracks eligible for the HYPE specific charts in various genres as well as the overall Top 100 chart.  

Symphonic feels strongly about this program and its ability to help labels grow their brand and drive revenue at Beatport.  You may register for this program at https://gethype.beatport.com/

If you have questions about the program and how it may be a good fit for your label, please create a request via the help tab on your Symphonic MS dashboard. 

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