My Release is Missing From Partners

Our partners manage and curate their own platforms and as such your content may be removed from a partner DSP without advance notice for the following reasons:

  • From time to time, DSP’s (Digital Service Providers) purge content out of their system to increase storage capacity and ensure content relevance. Determining factors for removal may be that your catalog has little to no sales, streams, or followers. If Symphonic receives any notification listing the content that will be deactivated, we'll make sure to communicate to you whether or not this affects your catalog as soon as possible. Not all partners may send this type of notice to Symphonic.
  • Your content may have infringed on the rights of third parties or you may not have met content formatting guidelines. Please ensure your release meets all submission guidelines and required formatting.
  • A partner or DSP has shut down and will no longer be offering its service. In this case the entire catalog distributed will be removed.
  • A partner may deactivate an entire catalog if they deem it offensive, not within genre specifications, or any other reason that affects their brand.


Please understand that removal of content by our partners cannot be contested as they have their internal evaluation and analytics to make their decision. 


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