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With all of the buzz around other platforms, such as Spotify and SoundCloud, YouTube is often overlooked as just a video streaming service. However, YouTube is one of the most crucial music streaming service in the world. The large share of music streams coming from YouTube makes it essential for every artist/musician to create their presence on the platform and do so correctly.

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Follow these essential tips and tricks to get the most out of your YouTube uploads:


Utilize YouTube Cards

Cards are annotations that pop up on your videos. You can customize what the cards say and where they link to.

Use cards to:

  • Build brand awareness by linking to your website
  • Promote music sales on iTunes, Spotify, Beatport, etc. by including your song link
  • Boost ticket sales for your upcoming show by including your ticket site link
  • Nurture your other YouTube content by linking to individual videos or playlists

How do I get ads on my YouTube videos?

The YouTube Partner Program allows users to monetize their videos uploaded
on the platform. After becoming a partner, YouTube will place advertisements on videos you upload while paying the user based on how many views the video receives.

Follow this link to apply to join the YouTube Partner Program.

What types of ads can I get?

Video Discovery Ads:
Video Discovery Ads are ads that show up when searching for a video, on the
YouTube homepage and the sidebar for related videos.

In-Stream Ads:
In-Stream ads are ads that play right before your videos begin.

Use an eye-catching thumbnail.

  • Use a close-up of another person’s face. Using an image of a person making eye contact with you gives a subtle visual cue of connection and draws the viewer in.
  • Choose an image that relates to the content. If it’s a music video, choose a thumbnail that matches what the video is about. Uninformative thumbnails can upset viewers and lose their trust, which can prevent them from ever viewing your videos again,
  • Consistency is key. When uploading content such as a weekly vlog, use thumbnails that share similarities with each other to keep your brand and content consistent.
  • Select an image that conveys some sort of emotion. Music is a very emotional form of art, and choosing a thumbnail that represents emotion can trigger feelings in a viewer and pull them in.

Encourage viewers to share your videos.

Having a CTA (Call-to-Action) at the end of your video, within your description, and in social sharing is a highly effective way to get new viewers and current followers to share your video content.

By telling your viewers to simply like, subscribe, share, or provide feedback, you are directly interacting with them, and doing so drastically improves your chances of getting more views.

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