Release title version

The release title version is where you can specify a specific version that differentiates the release you are submitting from other versions of the release.

For the original version of a release you must leave this field blank.

For a one-track release the track title version should match the release title version.

If your release has a special version you can add it in this field, common uses for this field are:

  • Remix or Remixes (for releases that are a collection of remixes)
  • Cover (if the cover is performed in a different genre than the original this is typically specified, like "Acoustic Cover")
  • Remastered
  • Deluxe
  • Anniversary
  • Bonus
  • Rerecorded
  • Live versions - Tracks that are live versions must specify that they are live, this is typically done by adding "Live" or "Live at Place, Time" in the version field. Time and place references help prevent confusion when there are multiple live versions of the same track in your catalog. Albums that are full live albums must indicate that they are live in either the title itself or in the album version. For Spanish localized content use "En Vivo" and for Portuguese use "Ao Vivo"

DO NOT submit use any of the following in the Title Version field, your release approval time may be delayed by incorrect usage of the field:

  • Original Version or any other redundant version information, original releases must leave this field blank.
  • Single, EP, LP, Album (these are all product types, no versions and are specified elsewhere).
  • SEO terms such as Sleep Music, Music for Concentration, Chill, Chillout, etc., must not be used as product titles or product versions.
  • References to Physical or Digital content or content not included (ie. E-Release, Digital Only, Digital Download, Digital Single, E-Album, 2 CD Set, With Lyrics, etc.).
  • Clean/Dirty/Explicit, etc. use the track level explicit information field instead
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