Overview on applying

Symphonic Distribution is an apply only service when it comes to Music Distribution, Sync Licensing, YouTube Monetization, and Soundcloud Monetization. For services such as Video Distribution and Publishing Administration, you can get access by filling out a few things and/or paying sign up fees.

Clients can all apply for distribution of which, our team will communicate on a potential deal we can offer.  Depending on our involvement, the rate that we apply to Music Distribution may differ.

Prospective clients can apply via our website and we will review your application where we will determine if we should accept and/or reject the application. Being rejected does not mean that there will not be an opportunity to re-apply. You can read our "Client Criteria" to learn more.

Applications may take 24-72 hours and in some cases longer for us to review depending on the contents of the application

Applications for our services can be located on our website.

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