OCT-18 Report Notice

We have now loaded our October 2018 monthly reporting and payments. Below is the notice for this month's report. Please read it in its entirety.

This report covers October 2018 and includes some previous months.

All sales and streams are reported from October 2018 but includes some September for partners that hadn't reported previously. For example, this report includes MixUpload for September, Sirius XM for September, and VEVO for September - thus, catching up the monthly reporting to where most partners can now be reported monthly. This report additionally includes Beatport October and we will continue to report Beatport royalties monthly even before their switch to monthly reporting and payments later on in the year. Previous report notice is located here. For all payment notices including previous months / quarters, click here.

Publishing Administration (Tunecore) – Q318 – these statements are available now for Publishing Admin clients under Royalties > Publishing Royalties.

Important notes from our team:

-Please ensure your tax and payment details are correct.
-Please allow up to 72 hours during business hours for your payment to be processed.
-No payment is sent on the weekend. We only send Monday through Friday.
-Any other questions and/or confusion based on the below, please create a ticket.
-Please ensure your email address on your account is correct, we may reach out with questions.

Payment After Request (What to expect)

Please understand that when payment is requested, we have to validate the request, check tax details, and other aspects prior to issuing payment. Read this for further detail.

Partners not included in (OCT-18)

-The following partners are not included in this report and will be worked on for the next report if we receive the proper data and of course, payment.

* Akazoo – October 2018 – statement not yet received from provider.

* Amazon Prime (IT Territory Only) – August 2018 – statement for IT not yet received from provider.

* Anghami – August through October 2018 - as this provider is typically a few months behind in their reporting.

* Defensive Music – Q318 – payment not yet received from provider.

* Digital Tunes – October 2018 – statement not yet received from provider.

* eMusic - We continue to have issues with them in regards to non-payment thus, their reporting is not included. Until they work out their issues in terms of funding and having funds to pay us and other distributors, we cannot report or show any of their data. (This is for Q3’16 through all of 2017 and now 2018). Additional note: eMusic is now being powered by 7Digital and some payments are coming through but not the above payments from their direct.

* iMusica (Claro Music) – June through October 2018 – payment / statements are typically delayed for this provider.

* iNDIEVOX – H218 – statement not yet received from provider.

* MetaPop –Q318 - statement not yet received from provider.

* Saavn – October 2018 – statement not yet received from provider.

* Sirius XM – October 2018 – statement not yet received from provider.

* TrackItDown – July through October 2018 – statements not yet received from provider due to technical issues on their end.

* United Media Agency – October 2018 – statement not yet received from provider.

* Yandex - Q417 through Q318 – this partner reports annually, and statement has not yet been received.

* YouTube Composition – October 2018 – statement not yet received from provider.

Most partners are now included and feel free to create a ticket if you have any questions and/or concerns over a specific partner.

Partners from previous months included in (OCT-18)

As per the note above, there is some data from September 2018 that is now being included in this report. Below is a listing of what was included for previous months on this report for your convenience.


September 2018

Publishing Admin (Tunecore)

Q318 – for Publishing Clients only

Sirius XM

September 2018


September 2018


Schedule of Monthly Reporting / Payments:

Below is the proposed schedule for monthly reporting and payments so that you are aware when reports are posted and can be claimed.

We've also included ESTIMATED POSTING DATES for your convenience.

Reporting Period

Estimated Payment Date

January Report

Mar 31 - Apr 5

February Report

Apr 30 - May 5

March Report

May 31 - Jun 5

April Report

Jun 30 - Jul 5

May Report

Jul 30 - Aug 5

June Report

Aug 30 - Sept 5

July Report

Sept 30 - Oct 5

August Report

Oct 31 - Nov 5

September Report

Nov 30 - Dec 5

October Report

Dec 30 - Jan 5

November Report

Jan 31 - Feb 5

December Report

Feb 28 - Mar 5


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