Drag And Drop Mastering by Chosen Masters

Do you need to have your music mastered easily and quickly? If so, check out Chosen Masters!

Producers and Artists are constantly on the go, so they don’t have an engineer at their fingertips to easily enable them to get their song mastered. Not to mention, the cost of mastering can become expensive.

In years past, LANDR launched an excellent tool that enables individuals to easily drag and drop to get their song mastered and with their launch, we haven’t seen a product that was comparable...until now with Chosen Masters.

Chosen Masters is a semi-automated audio mastering app that provides the highest quality audio mastering that traditionally would take weeks and cost hundreds of dollars.

The company states that they are faster than competitors such as LANDR and have no extra fees. Their pricing is simple and easy, charging only one set fee ($8 to master one song) instead of a monthly fee and if you want, you can get unlimited monthly mastering for as low as $20.

An additional tool that differentiates Chosen Masters from the rest is that you get real-time controls so that you can get the loudness and timber that you’re looking for.

We think Chosen Masters stands apart from the rest in providing a truly amazing mastering experience at an unbeatable price. Unlike other sites and apps that provide a very basic service with minimal amounts of enhancement to your track, Chosen Masters gives your songs a proper balancing of the frequencies and a richness you won't get anywhere else. Not only do the tracks that go through the software/app come out loud enough to easily compete with other big names like Skrillex, Monstercat and Owsla, but the songs also come out with pristine drum transients, open and clean sounding with tons of punch were it matters. This can let your song retain the groove and natural flow of the rhythms.

One of the biggest problems we hear with DIY mastering is that songs are over-compressed. Loud can be great but you have to do it in the right way without destroying the detail you worked hard to get in your mix.

According to Chosen Masters: “We spent a long time working to perfect this and will continue to do so for years to come. We strive to bring the best mastering possible without all the hassle and cost of traditional mastering services, plus we have been working on a ton of content and tools to help producers in whatever way that makes sense for our team's skill-set.”

Check them out at www.chosenmasters.com. The company has been kind enough to give a Symphonic Promo Code for use! promo-code: 20OFFSYMPHONIC at check out for more savings!

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