Doesn't Symphonic provide 100% of royalties?

As of July 2018, Symphonic now offers one plan for artists and record labels. The plan gives each potential client 85% of royalties and in turn they receive world class distribution, a marketing team, and a personal approach to distribution.

While there are other companies that offer 100% of royalties, each and every artist and record label still needs a TEAM in order to be successful in this industry. That TEAM ends up costing each record label and artist various fees and/or percentages from music that is distributed. Our approach at Symphonic is, we'll be the team and we won't charge sign up fees, release fees, and/or annual fees because we're not a company that is focused on being the cheapest and accepting of everyone.

We want to work with individuals and brands that are doing unique and creative things, individuals and brands that have great music and, that need a team of professionals like us to help better develop them.

Symphonic doesn't accept all applicants. We're very selective and review each artist and record label that applies for consideration into our service. This allows us to ensure that we're better able to serve any incoming client as well as our existing client base.

Symphonic is more than just Distribution. We are your TEAM, we are a marketing and promotional driven company to help push records, and we want to be able to give you a no risk type of offering that doesn't take up any of your wallet, rather, let us earn it through our efforts.

Note: Clients approved prior to this change will not see their pricing changed.

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