Jan-Feb-18 Report Notice (Monthly Reporting!)

We are pleased to announce that we are now switching to provide monthly reports and payments to all clients of Symphonic Distribution. We've just loaded a report that includes reports that we've received for January and February and at the end of May (and so on) we will continue to report monthly and pay out monthly if you are over threshold and request payment.

This first report doesn't include all partners. The end of March report will catch up anything not yet paid and reported in January and February and further, will include the same partners that are being reported now.

We've also provided (at the bottom of this) a schedule as to when statements are reported so you are aware. All other help desk articles referencing quarterly payments to be updated as well.

Important notes from our team:
-Please ensure your tax and payment details are correct.
-Please allow up to 72 hours during business hours for your payment to be processed.
-No payment is sent on the weekend. We only send Monday through Friday.
-Any other questions and/or confusion based on the below, please create a ticket.
-Please ensure your email address on your account is correct, we may reach out with questions.

Payment After Request (What to expect)
Please understand that when payment is requested, we have to validate the request, check tax details, and other aspects prior to issuing payment.
This report covers:
All sales and streams reported from January through February for those that we're discussing below. Any partner not on that list has either not paid, reported, and/or is not included in the report for January through February but will be included in future reports / payments. If you had a release that came out after these dates then please expect royalties to be listed on the next reporting period. There may be sales or streams from previous months due to some partners not reporting. You can cross reference from the previous notice.

Partners included in this first month's report (Jan-Feb):

-The following partners are included in this first report.

8Tracks (December and January, February not reported)
Amazon Download and Unlimited (January and February)
Apple Music (January and February)
Beats 1 (January and February)
Beatport (January and February) - We will report and pay Beatport monthly! - Note: Beatport will move to monthly reporting and payments in August, but, based on quarterly projections, we will start now)
Deezer (December and January, February not reported)
DJ-Shop (December - February reported)
Electric Jukebox (December and January, February not reported)
Google Play (January and February)
iTunes (January and February)
Juno Download (January and February reported)
KK Box (November - January reported, February not reported)
Napster (December and January reported, February not reported)
Pandora (January and February)
Saavn (December and January, February not reported)
Sirius XM (November and December reported, January and February not received)
Spotify (January and February reported)
TIDAL (January and February reported)
Traxsource (January and February reported)

Partners such as YouTube, Soundcloud and more will be caught up for January through March on the end of March report which will be reported after the end of May.

Schedule of Monthly Reporting / Payments:

Below is the proposed schedule for monthly reporting and payments so that you are aware when reports are posted and can be claimed.

January: Reporting / Payment: End of March
February: Reporting / Payment: End of April
March: Reporting / Payment: End of May
April: Reporting / Payment: End of June
May: Reporting / Payment: End of July
June: Reporting / Payment: End of August
July: Reporting / Payment: End of September
August: Reporting / Payment: End of October
September: Reporting / Payment: End of November
October: Reporting / Payment: End of December
November: Reporting / Payment: End of January
December: Reporting / Payment: End of February

Notable Report Updates
-We are now showing the Beatport Promotional Expense. This is a fee charged to all distributors and direct providers for the promotional use and consideration of your material. Previously, this is deducted from payments without you knowing the amount, the amount is now shown for your convenience and transparency. The amount is not large and may only be .50c of overall revenue as it is prorated against everyone, including Symphonic's cut.

-Beatport previous quarter months may show if there were voided transactions in those months. The same applies if any revenue was earned prior to the October through December period.

-MetaPop - Has reported and paid through end of Q317. Q4'17 will come in the end of March report but possibly, end of April report. The default month period is September which represents the last month of Q3'17 as the above bullet point states, for consistency.

-Neighboring Rights royalties through the end of Q3'17. Q4'17 will be paid in the end of March report if we receive payment and data.

Reporting Delays by Partners
Each and every reporting period, Symphonic works tirelessly to gather data from partners. We often, in most cases than not, advance funds to each and every record label and artist before we receive a dime.

-Yandex - All of 2017 up to Q3'17 will be reported on the end of March report. We will not have Q4'17 through Q3'18 until next year end of February or March report.

-eMusic - We continue to have issues with them in regards to non payment thus, their reporting is not included. Until they work out their issues in terms of funding and having funds to pay us and other distributors, we cannot report or show any of their data. (This is for Q3’16 through all of 2017). Additional note: eMusic is now being powered by 7Digital and some payments are coming through but not the above payments from their direct.

-Physical Distribution - We're currently awaiting data to report to the partners that partook in this service.

Month Column
As of Q2'17, we have added a month column to the royalty report. This is available by exporting the report and in the future, will be available under the Sales Summary for you to have better transparency over when a sale or stream occurred. With that said, any partner that reports quarterly, we will revert to the last month of that given quarter.

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