White Label Providers & Indirect Partners

When submitting a release with Symphonic you may notice that some partners that show up in our full partner list do not appear as options in the partner list you see when creating a release.

These are indirect partners of Symphonic, the reason they do not appear is that we do not send directly to them. They get their content via other partners, for example musical.ly doesn't get content directly from Symphonic, they source it from 7Digital - so to get your content on musical.ly you'd need to send to 7Digital and then it would be up to musical.ly to curate and accept your content from 7Digital.

The partners that provide content to these indirect partners are called white label providers. A white label provider is a Digital Service Provider that handles multiple services under them. For example, 7Digital and Medianet are two White Label providers that power various streaming and download providers and thus, we list them on our system as the one delivery point. A white label provider is not considered a distribution company as Symphonic does not distribute material to any other distributors, we have direct deals with companies as well as white label providers that may power many other services under them.

The services that a white label provider offers differ from retail, streaming, to cable tv music. There are often many changes in this area and unfortunately, we cannot control what partners under a white label your material goes to or doesn't go to. We at Symphonic also cannot control what content indirect partners will curate and accept from their white label providers but sending your content to their white label provider will give you a chance to get onto the indirect partner platform.

Examples are below. These aren't final or the latest, just to show you as an example. This is subject to change and/or add on and, for a complete and always updated list, please click here.


  • Electric Jukebox
  • eMusic
  • Weyv


  • JoMedia
  • Zonga Romania

United Media Agency

  • Boom
  • Mail.ru
  • OK.ru
  • VK.ru


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