UGC Ineligible Content

User Generated Content (known as "UGC") matching platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok require music assets to have audio and rights exclusivity on the part of the label and distributor. This means that if your audio assets use non-exclusive samples such as nature sounds, shared beats, public domain audio, proprietary remasters, or spoken word portions, the tracks will become ineligible content for Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok. This also applies to samples for which the third party did not have appropriate rights or clearances to provide to license the content to you, and you should use caution when licensing from third parties such as producers and websites where you do not have information as to the full chain of rights.

UGC platforms have placed a greater focus on compliance to clear out ineligible content. Symphonic must comply with the DSP standards to maintain the good partnership status and rating that we currently have with the respective platforms. As a result, Symphonic may disable these DSPs from labels and/or accounts that deliver ineligible content, including but not limited to ambient sound effects, production loops, samples from audio libraries, karaoke/soundalike tracks, public domain content, or certain meditation/sleep/relaxation tracks.

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