SoundCloud Profile FAQs

Why are tracks of mine randomly showing up in my SoundCloud profile?

These tracks were previously uploaded via the delivery feed (SoundCloud ID) and matched to your existing profile by SoundCloud. Keeping them maximizes potential revenue through monetization and inclusion in the Subscription service. You can request removal, but that excludes them from monetization and "Go" features.


Why are some tracks still visible after I requested them to be taken down?

SoundCloud removes ownership rights but not the actual tracks when you request a takedown. You can still see them privately, but they're hidden from other users. This doesn't affect your SoundCloud page or upload count. We can permanently remove the track; however, this step is irreversible.  Once it is taken down, all views and stats will disappear. If you wish to proceed with permanently removing the track, please reach out to our team


Why can't I edit or delete my tracks on SoundCloud?

Tracks uploaded via the feed can't be edited as it affects their monetization and "Go" service inclusion. We can manually remove them, but that excludes them from monetization and "Go" features. If you need to make an edit, it would require a new release to be created. 


Why do I have multiple SoundCloud profiles?

SoundCloud initially created separate profiles for tracks uploaded through the feed to facilitate monetization on their new streaming platform. We can merge these profiles with your existing one, but you may need to hide duplicate tracks on your main profile. Please reach out to us to have this corrected.


How can I verify my SoundCloud profile?

You can request this directly on your SoundCloud profile. Your account needs to meet the following requirements in order to request verification:

  • It represents a well-known and/or highly searched-for artist, collective, DJ, label, curator, or podcaster.
  • It must be a unique profile. SoundCloud doesn't verify fan accounts or impersonators. 
  • It doesn’t contain any misleading information and adheres to SoundCloud's terms of use.
  • It must have a bio, profile photo, and at least one track uploaded.

Please note that SoundCloud holds the right to verify accounts at their discretion. 


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