Fees for Wire Transfers, Pay Pal, Chase, Zelle

Check: We do not charge any fees for checks delivered to the USA. Checks are only to be written for USA based clients.

Bank Transfer (or Wire Transfer): We deduct $20 for bank transfer fees. We deduct from the payment we are sending not the next quarterly report.

Chase Quickpay / Zelle: For those that bank with Chase, there are no fees. Chase Quickpay has a daily limit of $5,000 thus if many clients request using this format, there may be a delay given that there is that limit. Further, if you have Zelle, Chase Quickpay can be used by our side to send to your Zelle account.

Pay Pal: As of August 16, 2017, In the US, we send payments as "Friends" to avoid fees. If we do send without "Friends" by accident and you get hit with fees, you can refund us the funds and then we can resend with the fees in place. Elsewhere Pay Pal will charge you fees depending on your region. You can also check Pay Pal's fees directly from them here. (This unfortunately, only applies for USA based clients only).

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