Why don't you pay me daily or weekly?

We receive reports at many different types of a day, week, and month. With us receiving the report, it doesn't mean we have the funds that accompany that report to pay. Often times we may have to wait 60 days for us to receive the payment in the first place.

We report and pay royalties monthly because that is when we receive data. We can only pay when we have the report and the funds. If we advance everything then we run the risk of not being in business which directly impacts you.

Lastly, we may receive daily sales trends but we don't from any partner receive any royalties daily. In fact, no distributor receives any payment daily. We are aware of CD Baby claiming to pay you "weekly" but please note that they are only paying you weekly sales off CDBaby.com and are not getting weekly sales from iTunes, Spotify, etc. No distributor receives weekly royalty payments.

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