What is YouTube Content ID?

Content ID is a popular digital fingerprinting system that content creators can use to easily identify and manage their copyrighted content on YouTube. Videos uploaded to YouTube are compared against audio and video files registered with Content ID by content owners, looking for any matches.

Below is a quick video we prepared that discusses our service + how Content ID essentially works. You can also visit YouTube's own help center website to understand further.

YouTube Content ID through Symphonic

Applying for YouTube Content ID through Symphonic has several benefits:

  • Percentage in payout is often superior to that of other monetization services
  • We have a dedicated staff that will not only monetize your videos but place fingerprints and look for other videos that YouTube’s fingerprinting program does not pick up
  • As a distributed client of ours, we will scan each and every song in your catalog to ensure that we either monetize or takedown any other videos uploaded by third party individuals

If you're not already signed up for YouTube Content ID, you can apply for YouTube Content ID through Symphonic or check out our FAQs if you have additional questions before signing up. 


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