(International) Am I better off going to a distributor outside of the USA?

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No. If there is a distributor based in Germany and/or the UK and you are in another country outside of those, say, the United States, Spain, Australia, etc., you would have the same situation and dilemma.

Taxes on royalties are determined by the relationship that a country has with another country. There are "tax treaties" in which there are arrangements between countries that determine how much of a royalty should be withheld to be paid thus, if you are dealing with a USA company and they are requiring you to have proper tax documentation and a W8-BEN, then it would be the same thing outside of the USA only that you'll have potentially different withholding on your royalties and fill out different forms.

No matter which part of the world you are in, taxes are a given and there is no company exempt from it in any way shape or form when making payments to you.

What benefits does this provide for me being international?

The benefits vary by region but, even if income is withheld you MAY have the opportunity to get tax credits within your country and/or in some cases get the money back by filing. We recommend you seek an accounting or tax professional within your region to understand more about any benefits that being international can afford you.

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