About the Yearly Content Cut Off / Freeze

At the end of each calendar year the music industry undergoes a yearly content freeze to mark the various holiday festivities. No content is approved and all ingestion or "making live" of new content is frozen.

The cut off period is an industry-wide phenomenon specific to the music industry, Symphonic has no control over the freeze. Most partners take a long break during the holiday season and give us deadlines for content submission during this period. We realize it may hamper some plans but there is nothing we nor any distributor can do about it.

If you submit after the deadline or during the content freeze your content will not be processed until after the industry starts back up again at the beginning of the next year, there are absolutely no exceptions. Please have your content delivered before the deadlines, as we aspire to provide plenty of warning of these dates.

During the content freeze while partners are closed you may be unable to reach Symphonic for any edits or issues with your account or releases, please understand that clients may need to wait until the beginning of the next calendar year due to the observation of the industry wide freeze.

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