How to Include a Digital Booklet with an album

Yes, you can distribute a PDF booklet to iTunes through Symphonic. PDF booklets offer fans extra content, such as lyrics, pictures, and liner notes and are downloaded with the purchase of an album, EP, or single in the iTunes Store. Symphonic only distributes PDF booklets to iTunes at this time. 

IMPORTANT: PDF booklets must be attached PRIOR to distribution and pre-order.
Please follow these steps to send your booklet with your release to iTunes BEFORE you distribute.

  1. Create a release in your Symphonic account (you only need to complete the first step of saving your album info to create a UPC code). DO NOT SUBMIT YOUR RELEASE.
  2. Make sure your booklet is up to specifications. (Please read the required specifications below)
  3. Once your PDF is ready, please contact us from the email address registered to your Symphonic account, include your UPC in the email, and attach your booklet.
  4. We will respond to you by the next business day confirming that we have marked your booklet for iTunes upload and that you can proceed with distributing your album.
  5. Once we confirm we have received the pdf booklet you can then submit the release and we will take it from there!

PDF Specifications:

  • PDF format with “.pdf” extension
  • Four-page minimum
  • All fonts embedded
  • 10 MB Maximum file size
  • 72 dpi minimum
  • 11 in x 8.264 in (28 cm x 21 cm)
  • RGB color
  • Horizontal presentation
  • All images full-bleed

Important: These booklets are specifically designed for the iTunes Store format and cannot be reproductions of existing liner notes with borders to increase size.

Content Considerations:

  • When saving a PDF, make sure the document opens full screen with no negative space surrounding the document.
  • The file size should be up to 10MB (Max). If the booklet is many pages long, consider using fewer images or optimizing images to achieve a lower overall file size.
  • Printers' marks are not allowed.
  • You can include the artist's or label's website, Facebook page URL, etc.
  • No links to anything promotional or advertising related, except the artist and/or label website (s).
  • No time-sensitive information (for example, a promotion or dates for an upcoming tour or concert).
  • No nudity/explicit imagery or materials.

 Note: Since a digital booklet is an 'album only' item attached to your release in iTunes your fans will only receive the booklet if they purchase the entire album.

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