My album and/or artist is incorrectly matched on Spotify and other DSPs

Unfortunately, this may happen from time to time. Occasionally, artists share similar or the same names and DSPs may sometimes automatically place content under the wrong profile. We've created this process to help fix any issues but, we wanted to point out a method for preventing it in the future.

Preventing this in the future (Spotify and Apple Only)

Prior to your release, please add a Spotify Artist URI and Apple Artist ID to your artist profile. This can be found in the SymphonicMS, under Account > Artists. Type in your artist name, edit that artist, locate the links with each DSP and then enter to verify artist link. Here is an instructional video for how to do this.

Obtain your URL/URI link on Apple Music, click here.
Obtain your URL/URI link on Spotify, click here.

Fixing this if it is occurring now (Form Below)

Fill out the form below if your content is incorrectly attributed to an artist page or if there are releases on your artist page that are not yours. It is imperative that you ensure this is 100% correct prior to submitting. If it is not correct, it will delay your fix and possibly prevent it from happening. Further, please do not submit this form more than once for the same request.

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