Incorrect Artist Mapping on DSP's

Unfortunately, this may happen from time to time. Occasionally, artists share similar or the same names, and DSPs may sometimes automatically place content under the wrong profile. We've created this process to help fix any issues, but we wanted to point out a method for preventing it in the future.

How to correct on Spotify and Apple

To have your releases link to the proper artist profile at Spotify and Apple, follow these steps:

1. Log in to the Symphonic MS and navigate to Distribute ► Artists



2. Select an existing artist and edit their details or Add artists if they are new.

3. Follow the instructions in the Partner IDs section to obtain each partner link. 

Obtain your Apple artist URL
Obtain your Spotify artist URL

 4. Paste the appropriate link and click Verify Artist Link per partner. This validates that the artist's name that we have matches the artist's name that the partner has. We will warn you if it does not match.

 5. We then display information about the artist based on the link you verify. We show the name and their most recent release for you to confirm this is the correct artist. If everything looks good, then save the page, and that’s it!

6. If the release was already delivered to DSPs, you'd need to find the release and select the Edit button, and then re-submit the release once again. 

Here is an instructional video on how to do this.

What if my artist doesn’t have a page on a platform yet?

If this is the first release for your artist and you need an artist page created, you can select the option for "No, I need an artist page created" to request a new page. 


Once your release(s) are live on the platforms for this new artist, you will need to go back and edit the profile with the new artist page URLs. This will allow us to deliver the artist to the correct page moving forward. 

What if the name at the partner is different from what is in the SymphonicMS?

To properly tell the partner that a release belongs to a certain artist page, we need to make sure the names line up exactly. 




Option 1

Align the name on the SymphonicMS with the name that is on the partners. You can change the name at the top of the page then re-verify. The names should match and let you save the page. 

Option 2

Change the name on the partner’s end. For this, you will have to reach out to our support team by creating a help request. You will need to provide them a link to the artist page[s] in question and what the name should be. Once aligned on the partner, you can re-verify the page links, and you should be good to go!

What about my older catalog?

Your older catalog may need to be redelivered to a partner (Spotify & Apple) if you have recently updated an artist’s IDs. Reach out to our support team by creating a help request and let them know which releases need to be redelivered to Spotify & Apple to get them fixed.

If you need your artist page corrected on other partners, please submit this form (Form Below)

Fill out the form below if your content is incorrectly attributed to an artist page or if there are releases on your artist page that are not yours. You must ensure this is 100% correct before submitting. If it is not correct, it will delay your fix and possibly prevent it from happening. Further, please do not submit this form more than once for the same request.

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