The following clause is taken from our Distribution agreement and this Help Center topic is created with the intention of translating our agreement in a way that can further be understood.

Delivery: Client shall deliver Client Content to Symphonic’s Department via its online management system (“SymphonicMS”) simultaneously with, or after payment is submitted to Symphonic should the option you choose require you to make a payment. Percentage based Distribution Options will not require a fee for any partner that does not charge a fee. Client Content shall be delivered in compliance with the specifications stated on SymphonicMS and all marketing and related materials shall bear an appropriate copyright notice. Symphonic may deny any Client Content for the following reasons: (a) if, in the opinion of Symphonic, such distribution might violate a statute, law or regulation, or violate any rights of any persons or entities, including suspected violation of the intellectual property of another, (b), Symphonic believes that its distribution of any of Client’s recordings hereunder would constitute a breach by Client of any of Client’s agreements, warranties or representations contained herein or if Symphonic reasonably deems the recording or the associated artwork to be offensive to reasonable standards of public morals, and (c) the submitted recording does not comply with the current specification stated on SymphonicMS. Notwithstanding the preceding sentence, in the event the objectionable material is later eliminated or the source of objection is removed, Client may resubmit such recording to Symphonic for distribution hereunder.

This clause states that if you are a client, you will use our client management system (SymphonicMS). Additionally, it states that you will essentially agree to terms and conditions per every submission and that if anything violates that, that you could be in breach of agreement. The specific bulletpoints (A through C) state specific clauses that are important for you to abide by and if not, we may deny your submission.

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