What’s included in a logo design?

  • Custom Design (no templates)
  • 4 initial beginning concepts (delivered usually within 1 week) *
  • Multiple Drafts Aloud **
  • 4-6 week turnaround time for full completion of logo
  • Full ownership of artwork

* A concept consists of the initial idea of the look and feel of the logo. The concept will be determined by a series of questions asked by the designer of the logo to the client.


** A draft consists of a series of revisions/changes that the client wants on the logo after the first initial concepts are delivered. As logos are an in depth process and because each logo is different, we do not like to set a certain amount of drafts allowed (let’s just say that we allow A LOT of drafts). We strive to have 100% complete satisfaction of the client so we will work as long as we can to make sure that they are completely happy with the end result of the finalized logo. It is at the designers discretion to terminate the project if the amount of drafts are becoming too much or if the designer feels that the project has went past the hours of work involved with the price of the logo. If either the designer or the client wants to terminate the project, all the native files from which everything was created can be provided to the client if need be. If a logo design is in production we cannot refund your payment.


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