What does it mean when a release is on hold?

A release being on hold can happen from time to time.

This means that there may be a problem with the release and we can not approve it until we hear from you in regards to the issue stated in the "On Hold" status.

Please check your email and the SymphonicMS.com frequently in regards to this. Look for an email that starts with Release on HOLD. When you open the email it will explain what needs to be advised on or changed in order to submit to the partners.

In addition, if we suspect anything wrong with the release from a proof ownership standpoint, we may put the release on hold to verify your ownership.  You can make the changes by clicking Cancel Release seen in this screenshots below.


Step 2:

Step 3:

Step 4:

Click on one of the three green check marks in order to make the changes requested and then resubmit as you have previously done.  It will then bounce back into our pending approval queue. The RELEASE WILL REMAIN ON HOLD until we overlook the changes. In order to get this expedited please respond to the email you received titled Release on HOLD. This is the only way to notify us that you have made the changes. Otherwise we will not know and get to it when we can with the other releases we have to get through each day.

If we do not see any changes made or do not hear from you for 7 days the release will be rejected back to you and another email will be sent to you in regards to this. 

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