Transferring from another Distributor

First, on behalf of everyone at Symphonic Distribution, we are thrilled to be able to work with you. As you will see, Symphonic Distribution has a lot more to offer than what you previously had and we are excited to help grow your revenue in various different ways. We wanted to put a document together to summarize some important things.

First, we can help!
In many cases, if you need Symphonic's help to transfer your catalogue from another distributor, please create a ticket and we'll be sure to help out as much as possible to get your catalogue transferred quickly. We may be able to, in some cases, also load the catalogue for you however, we'll require for you to deliver everything in one specific format exactly the way we need it to prevent issues.

Transferring Partners
Only Beatport, Traxsource, Juno, and Trackitdown can transfer labels from one account to the other. With that said, One more big plus is the wide distribution network you will now have! Before we begin on important points, note that once you sign up to us, that is when we request the transfer and we must await for them to transfer before a lot of the following topics below become relevant.

For Partners That Don't Transfer
iTunes, eMusic, Rhapsody, Spotify, Amazon, and basically every other digital service provider WILL NOT transfer content from the old distributor account to our account thus, you'd need to reload your catalogue to us. There are several ways you can do this but some important notes to consider as you read on.

Royalties from Back Catalog
Symphonic does not start collecting royalties for back-catalog transfers (from Beatport, Traxsource, Juno, & Trackitdown) until the transfer is complete. For any new releases submitted to Symphonic we begin collecting immediately. For Beatport we can supply you a list of your UPCs and ISRC's if you request it. When you request it, we will go ahead and ask Beatport to provide us this information for us to then provide to you.

Preparing and Uploading Your Catalog To Us
It's important to have your cover art in 3000x3000 JPG as well as 44khz over 16 bit stereo wav files. Our system will re-encode to the proper specifications of every partner. We recommend you read up on style guidelines here before you begin submitting any releases to avoid any delays in your transfer.

In the event you do not have any audio or any of these details potentially re-requesting from artists and/or re-purchasing to load is the recommended option if you want to see your back catalogue everywhere. We can then coordinate with you on how to receive your catalogue (whether it be Drop Box, Google Drive, etc.)

Your audio will re-encode (and it's ok!)
When you upload, your audio WILL Re-encode to FLAC, please don't worry about this. This is not going to affect the quality and we do this to optimize speed and space on the hard drives of our server.

Prioritize on New Releases First
We recommend you work on submitting new releases first. If you're transferring over Beatport releases and need to know what is already in Beatport's system awaiting to go live, we can provide you that information (You can just create a ticket via our Symphonic Support website). If your release(s) are already on Beatport, essentially you just need to send to everyone else and you can do that once you reach the Partner level of your release within our system.

What about my Spotify streams and playlists?
For information on retaining Spotify streams, playlisting, and more, please click here.

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