What are Daily Sales? When do I get the $?

Daily Sales are estimates that we receive from the partners that report them. Each and every day our system will log on and receive reports from various partners and we'll show whatever it is that we do receive onto your dashboard login for you to view.

These sales aren't paid daily to us they are only reported and they are references as "Estimates" because they don't account for what the partner / retailer will retain, nor what our percentage will be. Our system will make an assumption and calculation and the module is there to give you an idea of how you are performing every day but is not the final number that you are to receive on the quarterly sales report.

How do you access Daily Sales?
Daily Sales are available via the SymphonicMS system that you use to upload music to us.

Log onto the SymphonicMS.com

On the menu, Click "Royalties"

Then click "Daily Estimates" to view.

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  • How do I see these daily reports is what I need to figure out?

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