Contract Packs & Legal Agreement Packs

Symphonic offers premade contract packs you can buy the templates at very low prices and this is one of our most successful offerings for record labels. You simply choose the agreement you’d like to purchase, pay for it and then from there you will receive your downloadable agreement (via a download link, and we also send you an email with a link to download your contracts) for you to be able to fill out and use.

We cannot make custom agreements, our packs are premade and meant to be customized per the agreement and parties involved in the use of the agreement.

We make every effort to ensure that our contracts are up to date with the current legislation. In fact, all of our contracts have been reviewed and updated at least once per year since 2012. We are the only music contract template provider to offer this service.

How to Use & Edit Contract Packs

After your purchase, you’ll get both a PDF and a Microsoft Word version contained in a .zip file, to open this file and extract its contents you can use free applications like Winzip or 7zip. The word document enables you to enter in information that will then fill out the remainder of the agreement and from there you can take that edited contract and create your own PDF version.


Our contracts have been drafted based on the standard copyright and trademark laws in the United States. We recommend in any case that you use our contracts as a starting point to structure your deals, and then instruct an attorney to customize your contract based on your state’s specific laws.

All contracts on our site (with the exception of the agency booking contracts) also include a US, UK, and Australian version. For countries outside of the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia, these contracts should be used only as a template or guide to base your contracts on. In this instance, we recommend instructing a lawyer in your country to amend our contracts to adhere to your country’s laws and standard practices.


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