Release takedowns

If you would like to take down a release from any partner, you can do so via the SymphonicMS. (To have your Symphonic distributed video taken down, please submit the video takedown form HERE.)

To issue a takedown from all partners, navigate to Distribute ► Releases.  From there, click on the release that you'd like taken down.

Select the Take Down button.



The below window will pop up where you can state your reason for submitting the takedown.


Our admin will review your request and approve the takedown daily.


  • Once we process your request, partners can take anywhere between a week to a month for the takedown to be complete.
  • The takedown will be initiated for all partners that the release was delivered to. If you're looking to take the release down from certain DSPs, please reach out to us.
  • We cannot remove one track from a multi-track release. A takedown must be issued for the entire release.
  • All partners will permanently remove any reviews and comments related to the UPC and partner playlists that included this release.
  • All takedowns are subject to Symphonic staff approval on a case-by-case basis.
  • Fees may apply.

Copyright violation takedowns

If we receive a takedown request from a partner due to copyright infringement, we will place a $20 deduction on your account. A deduction will show on your Royalty Summary under Adjustments. We take copyright matters seriously, and we have a zero-tolerance policy that will result in your account being charged, potentially foregoing your royalties, and account termination.

Separate legal fees may be imposed upon you should they be imposed on us.

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