Making changes to release after submission

EDIT: We are currently unable to send any updates. The only way to make a change to a release once approved and delivered is to PERMANENTLY TAKEDOWN the release and then create a new submission with the corrections. Please double check all fields and files before submission. 

Once a release has been delivered to retailers only small select changes can be made. For updates like release or track names, track order, etc you can submit a ticket to our help desk with the UPC for the release and any changes that need to be made.

To make cover art/audio asset changes to your release, you will you will have to take down your current release and distribute a new version.

To take down a release, please log on to the, find the release under View Releases and click the X in the top right of the release. Remember to record any ISRC's you want to keep using before doing this.

Replacement Release

  • A new catalog number along with it's metadata and audio files; as per normal guidelines for creating releases on the Symphonic MS. Release fees are applicable per the service agreement you may have for creating a new release (Artists, Labels, 100% Option).
  • You will have to assign a new UPC code since this release will represent a new product. However, if you have your own optional ISRCs or want to re-use the Symphonic ISRCs, you can use them again on the same exact tracks.

From time to time errors can occur, but by submitting releases through the Symphonic MS you guarantee that the content is error free, final and is deemed ready for distribution.
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