There are no records to be shown. What's that mean?

If you are a client that hasn't been that active and had an account via our old Royalty Portal, our system, the SymphonicMS would need for you to load your catalog again using the original UPC's and ISRC's to ensure that your reported sales match up. Additionally, via the Royalty Portal there is a "Unmatched Royalties" section where if your catalog is loaded, you can match up royalties to it.

The message may also mean that you only have a "Balance Forwarded From A Previous Quarter or Period" and thus no actual sales for the period shown. If you want to view actual data in each section, you can utilize the drop downs in the Report Summary page (pictured below).


Please note that if you haven't loaded any releases but have royalties because you may had transferred to us and/or haven't been that active, that your Release and Artist tabs may remain empty until catalog is added. If you have any further questions, please create a ticket and mark it to the Payments department for more specific attention.

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