How do I monetize my tracks?

The following article is only if your profile is being monetized by us and if the "Monetization" tab has been added to your profile. If not, the only way to monetize is for us to send you a spreadsheet of songs within your profile, for an ISRC to be set, and for us to send it over to Soundcloud to enable monetization.

Below is an upload flow of how you would monetize directly on your channel once the Monetization feature is enabled (if your profile is approved for it to be added).

1. Upload a track

Upload your track as normal. Four tabs will be displayed; Basic, Metadata, Monetization, and Permissions. On the “Basic” tab the Track Title is required in order to monetize.

2. Add Metadata

On the Metadata tab, add the track’s metadata - the more, the better. In order to properly identify your work, SoundCloud requires one crucial piece of information: the ISRC. If this element is left blank, your content won’t be monetized. Artist Name, Track Title and at least one tag is also required in order to monetize.


The ISRC or International Standard Recording Code, or the ISRC is required in order to monetize your content. It’s essential that a track only has one ISRC associated with it and for that reason it’s really important you use an existing ISRC for licensed tracks. Please don’t be tempted to create a duplicate just because you don’t have the original on hand.

P Line

Another element that is vital to your metadata is the P line. The copyright owner listed in the Track Label P Line is generally the entity entitled to royalties for the sound recording.

3. Add monetization rules

Here you have the option to schedule when monetization starts and ends on a track. If you need to restrict playback by territory, or schedule public/private you can also do this here.

In terms of how this relates to your relationship with Symphonic Distribution, and how to do this from a visual standpoint, you first need to opt into Monetization through us.

Once that you have opted into our agreement, your profile will be setup for monetization and within each track you will have the opportunity to enable monetization. You simply click to edit your track and you will see a tab that is called "Monetization". (Pictured below)

In order to fully monetize you must enable monetization and then you can even designate a start and end date for the monetization of your song(s). You will not be able to monetize unless your Metadata tab is fully filled out with an ISRC. You can use the same ISRC's that you've used via our SymphonicMS and if there is a track not distributed and you need an ISRC for, you can additionally obtain through the SymphonicMS free of charge.

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