I can't find my music on iTunes, Spotify, and others

After submitting a release there are a few reasons you may not see your release live.

Not enough lead time provided

We generally approve all releases within 24-48 business hours, not including holidays or weekends, and then it can take up to 24 hours to batch and deliver. Once delivered it can take up to 10 days for the individual DSP to process the content, which is out of our control. For this reason we recommend you always submit 18 days ahead of the release date to avoid any issues.

Curated Partners

Some partners have a curating team that reviews all content submitted to them which may delay the release live date. Pandora is the largest partner that has a curating team. For more information about getting onto Pandora click here.

 Search Terms

If you are a record label you'll notice some partners don't have search criteria for record labels. So if you are typing in your LABEL NAME in iTunes searches it will not find anything for example. We recommend you search in this format:

"Artist Name Track Name"

On Spotify there is a way to search for labels. Simply open the program and type in:
spotify:search:label:”label name”.


Beatport updates their system every 6 hours throughout the day and can sometimes take until the late afternoon / evening to post as they don't do a single daily dump like other retailers.

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