Countries / Territories for Publishing Administration

Below is a full list of the territories and sources that our publishing administration service covers. The list is expected to increase in the future.

The Many Sources We Collect From:

Digital Downloads and Streaming Record Labels Radio and TV
iTunes (ex U.S. and Mexico) * Sony Music Radio- Mainstream
Spotify EMI Music Radio- College
Pandora Warner Music Radio- Internet
Amazon downloads * Universal Music TV- Local
Amazon Cloud streaming Island/Def Jam Records TV- Cable
Cricket (Muve Music) Aftermath TV- Network
Google Play Epic Records
Youtube Motown
Rhapsody Atlantic
Kazaa Electra Records
Omnifone Curb
X-Box Music (formally Zune) Disney
Nokia Mascot
Napster Concord
Pressplay SLG
Rogers Sugarhill
TDC Play Eone Music/Koch Records
Live365 Vagrant records
Grooveshark Welk
WIMP Music Concord Records
Beatport Nettwerk
Bell Mobility Subpop
eMusic Megaforce
BT-Vision Warp
Hutchison 3G Epitaph
Myspace Music Matador
Tunewiki Rykodisc
Slacker Fueled by Ramen
Touchtunes Stones Throw
Medianet Domino
Hip Digital AND MANY MORE…

* iTunes U.S. and Mexico / Amazon U.S.- Mechanical download royalty only collectable from record labels.  If the songwriter distributed the recording, there is no mechanical royalty to be collected.

Territories Currently Covered by Publishing Administration:

U.S.A France Netherlands
Mexico Slovenia Japan
United Kingdom Macedonia Hong Kong
Ireland Luxembourg South Korea
Canada French Polynesia Malaysia
Australia New Caledonia Phillipines
New Zealand Andorra Singapore
Fiji Monaco Taiwan
Papua New Guinea Lebanon Thailand
Austria Djibouti Vietnam
Germany Chad Macau
Switzerland Gabon Indonesia
Belgium Gambia Slovakia
Denmark Spain Croatia
Sweden Portugal Serbia & Montenegro
Norway Italy Bosnia & Herzigovina
Finland Republic of San Marino Albania
Iceland Czech Republic Kosovo
Estonia Poland Bulgaria
Latvia Hungary And more to come…
Lithuania Romania
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