What are unmatched sales?

Every single partner reports differently and some, believe it or not, don't report UPCs or ISRC's in their report. We rely on this to be able to match your data to your existing catalogue and from there, of course set the allocations and royalty payments however, it will still continue to be the case that some sales may be unmatched because you may be a transferring record label or artist and we never had your catalogue created in our database. (This is why we encourage you to transfer your catalogue :)

With that said, the "Unmatched Sales" screen allows you to view unmatched sales that have been reported but not matched to your catalogue.

"Unmatched sales" are paid to you. This screen simply shows royalties not matched to your catalogue for the purpose of your use of the Sales Summary which can break down royalties into various views.

We will work our hardest to ensure that all royalties are matched to something existing in your database but your assistance is additionally important.

Check out the video below for more!

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