Video Distribution Process (Quick Step by Step)


The process is listed below. 

Getting Started

In a few steps, you can initiate the Video Distribution process! To get started, click here.

  1. Fill out the video metadata form
  2. Pay the BASE delivery fee of $95, and (if selected) PLUS partners upgrade fee of $55
  3. Upload your video using WeTransfer or if your video is larger than 2 Gigs, send a Dropbox or Google Drive link to


There is a light approval review process of the videos that are sent to us prior to delivery. The video needs to have some production quality or at least be put together well. Most of our partners (like VEVO and iTunes) want quality videos that show off the music video without any distractions.

We will work with you and give you feedback on your music video so that it meets the partner's specifications. We will not reject the video unless you are unable to make the needed revisions

*Tip: The videos must NOT have burned in logos, on-screen URLs or sites, logos or text on black backgrounds, nudity, violence, or drug use.

Once your video is approved you will receive an approval email to the email address you provide on the video application.

You can read more about what types of videos are accepted by our partners HERE.


Once the video is paid for, uploaded, metadata is provided, and approval is given we can deliver the video to the partners you have specified.

*Tip: We require all videos to be submitted with a go-live date of at least three weeks from the submission date to allow our partners time to ingest, download, process, and upload your video to their platforms.


Ahead of your chosen release date, you will receive a new email from us with your release links.

Then, the video will go live on the release date you specified in the metadata on the partner stores that you have chosen!

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