SoundCloud Monetization (about and signing up)

Through Symphonic, you can monetize your SoundCloud profile. SoundCloud monetization will give you the ability to maximize and monetize your efforts on the platform, collecting important advertising revenue generated in territories where the service is active. We're here to help! We live to make processes like this as pain-free as possible. 

How It Works

As a Symphonic client, signing up for the service will be strictly for the SoundCloud profile monetization portion. If you wish to be a part of SoundCloud Go, you can onboard separately here. The SoundCloud Go service is different from this one, so we created an onboarding process to explain appropriately. Additionally, Allowlisting is also necessary to avoid future problems.

With SoundCloud Profile Monetization enabled, your top tracks can be monetized within your profile. After a few days, your track will become monetized in the territories where monetization through SoundCloud is currently available. Please note: there is a requirement of 1000+ profile followers for the profile monetization service, but any music distribution client can deliver their catalog to SoundCloud Go, which monetizes as well. 


Included in this service:

  • No sign-up fees, and you earn 70% of all royalties
  • Pre-clearance of tracks with the help of our support staff
  • Monetization of songs and profiles (after pre-clearance)

Some quick facts about this service:

  • Users hear ads while playing your music on mobile and more
  • Allowlisting means no copyright issues preventing you from uploading
  • Pre-clearance ensures your publishing is properly setup
  • Monetization is only available in current territories
  • We will ensure your track stays online during clearance

When do you accumulate royalties:

Basically, a "listen" must meet the following criteria to generate a royalty:

  • Profile & track must be set up for monetization
  • Listen must be longer than 30 seconds
  • Listen must occur in a monetize-able territory
  • Listen must occur via Web or Mobile (as Listens that occur via an embedded app where no ads are played won't be monetized).
  • Royalties are paid monthly if SoundCloud has reported and paid royalties to Symphonic. Our reporting schedule is listed here.

How to sign up

If you're interested in signing up for SoundCloud Monetization, please submit the below form. 

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