What are allocations?

Our system has a feature entitled "Allocations". Basically, we set a pre allocated amount per track towards a specific artist. As an example, if you have an artist with an original track and he was the only artist that did the track, the royalty allocation would be 100% given to him. If the artist has a featuring artist or a remixer, then the royalty would be split amongst them.

Example: 1 artist on a track
100% allocation

Example: 2 artists on a track50% allocation to artist 1
50% allocation to artist 2

Example 3: 3 artists on a track
33.3% allocation to artist 1
33.3% allocation to artist 2
33.3% allocation to artist 3

(And so on)....

Of course, it's not our job to dictate how you allocate royalties of a particular track thus if there is more than 1 artist, you will be able to alter the royalty allocation so potentially you could alter the allocation to be 100% to one artist rather than the other artists receiving additional royalties.

It's important that all clients have reviewed the allocations per track as that will then affect the amount reported in the "Calculate Artist Payouts" screen. From the "Calculate Artist Payouts" you will be able to add advances, and other fees associated and the royalty allocation will be put in place per artist so you may properly be able to pay their owed royalties.

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