What can I do to sell/stream more?

First, it's important that you deliver material on time and that you submit marketing drivers whenever you deliver a song. With that said, we've prepared some best practices that we believe will not only help you but, additionally help our working relationship. Check those out here. In addition, we recommend the following:


Keep us posted on what you have upcoming. Create a ticket and let us know about a release you are dropping and of course, fill out the marketing drivers via the SymphonicMS.


First, we've prepped some really cool guides that we think will help you. Check them out here to learn more about optimizing YouTube, Soundcloud, Spotify, and more.


We say this because it's one of the most basic things that many record labels and artist fail to do. If you consistently release music, that is 1-2 releases of 2-3+ tracks a month, then you will progressively build a fan base and potentially get a DSP's attention. With this attention you are in much easier position to get featured.

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