How can I make money from YouTube?

There are three ways you can earn revenue from YouTube through Symphonic.

1. Monetizing your songs/ContentID: With Symphonic's YouTube Monetization Program, we’ll make sure YouTube identifies ANY video that uses your music — and we’ll make sure you get paid a share of the ad revenue. This is done when we upload your material to the CMS that YouTube provides us to. In order for this to happen you'd have to sign up as a distribution client.

2. Monetizing your YouTube channel: When you monetize your channel, you are able to make money off the videos you upload directly to your channel (whether or not they have your music). This does NOT monetize your songs across YouTube, meaning that when you monetize your channel, you are NOT making money from videos uploaded by your fans or other YouTube users.

3.YouTube RED: This is YouTube's new music subscription platform and by signing up to us as a distribution client, your material would be uploaded here for an additional revenue stream as if it were a streaming provider.

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