How do I report set lists to my PRO?

Heads Up:  Each time you perform your music live at eligible venues, you are earning yourself performance royalties.   If you are an actively performing DJ, and you play your own tracks AND the tracks of others, you’re earning performance royalties for both yourself AND for the songwriters of the tracks you play.  

You can therefore see why it’s crucial to market your songs to other DJs – you want them to play your music in their sets at clubs, which will earn you even more performance royalties.

A great article on this was written by Ari Hernstand as well.

Thus:  Whenever you perform live, you must report all your set lists to your PRO. Make it a regular post-concert habit.  It is your responsibility as the songwriter and performer to turn in set lists to your PRO.  Each PRO has their own system of turning in set lists which in turn helps the PRO to track the performance and allot your royalties from the venue.

For ASCAP, it’s ASCAP OnStage.  If you’re an ASCAP member, definitely check out this page for more information:  ASCAP OnStage  Also read the OnStage FAQs: OnStage FAQ.

For BMI, it’s BMI Live.  If you’re a BMI affiliate, check out their FAQ page here to get more information on how to submit your set lists:  BMI Live FAQ.

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