Will you sign me up with a PRO?

No – only the writer him/herself can affiliate with a PRO.  However, don’t fret!  We will provide you with an extremely helpful, detailed guide on how to register with our default PRO, BMI.  BMI charges no fees whatsoever, whereas most other PROs charge a sign-up fee.  The process is very simple and straightforward – we make it easy on you.

Keep in mind that Symphonics’ core task is to register your compositions with collection societies worldwide.  We are collecting the publisher’s share of your royalties.  By law, your writer’s share cannot be touched by another entity and must be sent directly to your home address.  Signing up with BMI (or another PRO) allows you to create an account with BMI so that you can directly collect the writer’s share of your performance royalties – something we cannot touch.

Our publishing admin service registers the works on behalf of the songwriter depending on where they are registered (BMI or ASCAP for the most part) and then, depending on who the administrator is, would register in other territories or, PRO’s in those territories. 

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