About Publishing Administration

What is Publishing?

In the music industry, Publishing refers to the ownership, control, and commercial exploitation of musical compositions. It further refers to the collection of all royalties ensuing from the usage of musical compositions.  Music publishing is the business of songwriters, composers and publishers.

Why Symphonic For My Publishing Administration?

In order to receive your songwriter/publisher royalties around the world (a royalty separate from the distribution royalties you already receive through Symphonic) you would need to sign up with over 100 societies and notify dozens of digital service providers.  This would cost you thousands of dollars in sign up fees and require you to fill out paper registration forms for each entity (often in different languages). 

With our service, you pay a one-time $100 signup fee, we will retain 15% of the royalties earned, but other than that, no additional fees will be charged. Your songs are electronically registered with all societies and partners worldwide within two weeks.  You as a songwriter/artist should spend your time creating, not pushing paper.  We distribute for you and now we can administer your copyrights as well!

Since we already receive sales reporting/accounting for your distribution sales money, we can use that existing data to ensure you receive the proper songwriter royalties for mechanicals. The same song IDs used to distribute your releases to partners are also used to track and report royalties owed to the songwriter, so we automatically have an audit trail of how much money you are owed as a songwriter. No other service in the world provides efficient royalty tracking like us! 

Features Included In Our Service

  • You, the Songwriter, keep full ownership of everything.
  • Get detailed quarterly accounting statements in your Symphonic account.
  • Ability to add more songs at a later date or add non-Symphonic distributed songs at no extra cost to you!
  • We register every composition you submit with the societies and digital partners in over 60 countries.
  • If you are affiliated with ASCAP, BMI, SESAC or SOCAN, no problem! You can remain a member with them and join our service –Symphonic collects royalties in addition to what they collect (all income types – not just performance)
  • If you are not affiliated with ASCAP, BMI, SESAC or SOCAN (and you should be) the one-time signup fee covers any additional fees that would be necessary to affiliate with a PRO

NOTE: Symphonic Publishing Administration Service will not commission, or deduct, your Publishing royalties for downloads in US & Latin America, since you are already receiving those through yourSymphonic Distribution accountings (for self-releases).

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