Is YouTube monetization only for music?

Symphonic specializes in a variety of YouTube specific services. We can deliver your music into YouTube's Content ID program, optimize Your YouTube channel, and, manage your YouTube Channel. Via the Symphonic Help Desk, you can get our FAQ and additional info on the offerings.

To answer the question, we primarily deal with music only clients and upload assets into YouTube's Content ID system. Assets, by definition of this are considered songs. When we upload into the YouTube Content ID system then it scans anyone using that song across the entire YouTube system. 

An artist or label with Symphonic can apply to be included within YouTube Content ID through the SymphonicMS dashboard. (Screenshot below as to where application lives)


Aside of Content ID, we can manage channels that are not just music and/or music only through various partnerships. For Channel Management, an artist or label can apply by clicking here. If approved, we can claim your channel, videos and begin to track down any potential matching fingerprints if we are able to manage your channel.

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