About Explicit Content

Explicit Content

Explicit Content Flagging.

Explicit content must be flagged Explicit with a parental advisory tag. Terms like “(Explicit),” “(Explicit Version),” “(Dirty),” “(Dirty Version),” must not be used for album, ringtone, or track titles.

Clean Version Flagging.

For a clean release you will not select the explicit checkbox. The audio files used must be the clean versions with their own ISRC codes, no other designations are required, the release title should match the explicit title.

Note that terms like “(Clean),” “(Clean Version),” “(Edited),” or “(Edited Version)” must not be used for album, ringtone, or track titles.

This includes lyrics and/or titles.

Many of our digital partners have parental controls available that will prevent explicit content from being displayed to children who visit their site. It is a requirement that explicit tracks are correctly labeled when an album is signed-up with us for distribution. Failure to correctly identify explicit content may result in your album being removed from one or more of our partners' platform after it has been delivered

What words falls under explicit content? Find out here.

What if my music contains Explicit Content?

Just select the explicit checkbox when submitting the release. Do not put Explicit, Clean or any other type of indicators in the title or mix version field when you submit the release. The explicit check box is the only designation needed to differentiate the explicit from the clean version.


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