What are "Compound Artists" ?

Only one performing artist name should be listed per artist name field. Having two or more performing artists listed in the same artist name field impairs an album's ability to appear correctly in search results as well as how it will display within our digital partners' stores.

If artists are collaborating under their normal artist names and are not forming a new group, you must list each artist separately.

  • Primary Artist: Simon & Garfunkel (this is OK as that is their group name)
  • Primary Artist: Deadmau5 & Tiesto (this is NOT OK as they are collaborating on a release)
  • Primary Artist: Michael Jackson vs. The Beatles (this is NOT OK as they are collaborating on a release)

INCORRECT stylizations include meets, vs or x such as:

  • Deadmau5 meets Tiesto -INCORRECT
  • Deadmau5 X Tiesto - INCORRECT
  • Deadmau5 vs. Tiesto - INCORRECT

CORRECT stylization below. Artist should be listed as (For both the release level and each track):

  • Primary Artist: Deadmau5
  • Primary Artist: Tiesto

This applies to remixers as well. If they are a featured artist mark them as such and not primary or stylized as compound.

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