Registering Songs

What is the correct way of registering a work?

In general, it is absolutely vital for you to make sure that the recording release information is indicated 100% precisely correct.  We are specifically referring to correct spelling, punctuation, and capitalization.  Incorrect information on the recording release will cause incorrect tracking, delays in royalty distribution, and could possibly prevent your royalties from being allocated to you!

For Artist Pseudonyms:  You should have noticed during your sign up process that we asked for your associated artist names, or artist pseudonyms.  When you register a work, you will also notice that we ask for the correct artist pseudonym associated with the recording of your work.  It is absolutely vital that you provide the exact name of the artist pseudonym of the recording of your work – correct spelling, punctuation (if any), correct capitalization – exactly as it appears on patner platforms.  

Example #1:  DJ Alex Preston vs. Alex Preston vs. Alex Preston (AUS).  
Example #2:  MUSTDIE! Vs. Mustdie! Vs. MUSTDIE

For “Release Title”:   If it is an EP and was distributed to partners with the release name “Awesome EP,” indicate “Awesome EP” in our system – not just “Awesome.”

Should I register all of my songs? (Old and New?)

We recommend registering all songs in your eligible repertoire.

You should, of course, register all new song releases moving forward.

You can register old songs. In some cases we’ll be able to get the old royalties for you; it depends on each individual society and their own set of rules.

Some societies will hold the royalties for six months, others will hold them for up to five years. But once the society’s deadline passes, everyone is out of luck, and the society is entitled to keep that money and distribute it how they please.

We definitely suggest that you register the old songs with us just in case there are still some royalties out there waiting for you. We’ll be doing some serious digging on your behalf.

How soon can/should I register my songs?

The best time to register your song(s) is right before or exactly when you release them to the public. You can register as soon as you sign up via our website and receive instructions to register.

Can I register remixes of my songs?

Yes. These each should be registered as new songs with new songwriter splits (if applicable). Make sure to add the recordings to these registrations as well.

Do I need to register my songs directly with my PRO? 

No. Once you're a publishing administration client, we’ll take care of registering the songs directly with your PRO. Just make sure you keep your PRO account login information in the case that you have a mailing address change.

Can I register cover songs through your publishing administration service?

No, you cannot register covers of works within your Songtrust account. This is because Songtrust only collects on behalf of the composition, and you must be considered the original owner/writer of a work in order to claim a share of the composition. Because covers are not considered new, original material, you are unable to collect royalties on the composition share of cover works you record and release.

Can I register a song Symphonic did not distribute to the publishing administration service?

Yes! If your song is not distributed through Symphonic or it's being sold on multiple releases, such as through a label or as a cover song by another artist. 

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